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Braco and his Gaze

"Life is always worth living," Braco says. And he offers a gift, which has helped people to once again feel open to life, and face its many challenges with inner stability, courage, calm and joy!

When people come to a gazing session, they may experience a feeling that transforms them, awakening a belief in the future, better possibilities, health and a more positive outlook onlife. It can bring forth latent talents, and simply dissolve longstanding blockages.


“Braco and Ivica energy permeates my home through DVDs that I play, books that I put photos of loved ones in, and the Voice that I play repeatedly daily, and I never leave the house without some reminder of that blessed energy either! I am eternally grateful to Braco and Ivica for their selflessness and enduring love, and I give thanks to Source itself for THAT which comes through Braco!”


Susan Brock


About Braco Books, DVDs and Music

The Sun Symbol

The films and books about Braco and the Sun Symbol have been helpful means for many to connect with the gift whenever they have the wish. Especially when one cannot attend a live gazing session.

They are a beautiful way to introduce this phenomenon to others, open people to this new possibility of help, where they may have been closed to such ideas before.

We at Sunce e.V. are honored and happy to provide you with the treasures of the Braco books and films and wish you a lot of pleasure while reading and watching!

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